5 Tips to know how to negotiate with your costumers


Negotiations are part of choosing the options that best suit specific needs. It is always necessary to find a balance so that both sides win in a negotiation, that the deal has an added value and that there is an opportunity to build a long-lasting relationship.

Here are five tips to learn how to negotiate with your customers.

1. Ask questions

If you spend time asking questions and listening about the type product or services your customer is really looking for and listen carefully to their answers you can find the key to what your customers may be doing, like comparing to another option that does not offer the same solutions as you do, your advice can help clarify these differences. 

2. Talk about added value

If people are not being clear about their needs, focus on talking about your added value and benefits of your products or services. This can help you generate interest and get your customers to convey their needs more accurately.

3. Make smart concessions

During the negotiation, consider offering after-sales services. By doing so, you are offering greater value and a long-term business commitment.  

4. Be transparent

A conversation is more enriching and productive if you explain to your prospects what the cost of the product or service you offer implies. Help them understand that your priority is to meet their needs and you are offering the best solution at a fair price.

5. Keep the negotiation

Do not close yourself to long negotiations in which different alternatives are explored. Showing a receptive attitude to have different solutions to satisfy the needs of your customers, are some of the keys to close a business deal.

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