Aeromexico Delta JCA 5th Anniversary


This May marks the five year anniversary of the implementation of Aeromexico and Delta Air Lines leading Joint Cooperation Agreement (JCA). The JCA is a transborder alliance that connects the carriers’ networks between Mexico and the U.S. and has improved service, expanded routes and benefited more than 28 million customers since launching in 2017. Throughout our JCA partnership, we have flown 365 million miles, equaling 14,663 trips around the world, and have operated more than 250,000 flights.

Today, we offer 43 routes between Mexico and the U.S., including the most flights from Los Angeles, with 35 weekly flights to Mexico City; and from New York, with 28 weekly flights, along with service between other major transborder markets in California, Texas and Florida. 

Throughout our partnership, we have worked closely to develop comprehensive and aligned products and services for their customers that ensure a consistent and industry-leading customer experience, including: 

  • Seamless check-in powered by SkyTeam technology that enables digital check-in for multi-airline travel via both Aeromexico and Delta's existing apps or websites. 
  • Free messaging onboard through onboard Wi-Fi (where available).
  • Consistent checked and carry-on luggage policies. 

Since quickly responding to the pandemic, we have gradually recovered our transborder schedule. In July 2021, flights from Mexico to Dallas and Austin resumed, while service from Guadalajara to Salt Lake City resumed in September 2021. We continue to restore service as demand returns.

Throughout the pandemic, we have also focused on the health and safety of our customers and employees through the Aeromexico’s Health and Sanitization Management System and the Delta CareStandardSM.

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