Apply changes with one click and an IT code


We want to share the following tips with which you can provide solutions to your clients independently and avoid waiting times in the different service channels. 

Passenger protection policies for involuntary changes: 

We have updated our policy for tickets purchased as of July 1, 2020 to provide a penalty-free date and / or route change1 in the following scenarios

  • If the new itinerary is rescheduled to start within 14 days, before or after the date of the affected flight, the fare difference will NOT apply, as long as the same origin-destination and paid cabin are respected
  • If the originally scheduled travel plans are affected by travel restrictions from the government of the country involved, the fare difference will NOT apply, as long as the new itinerary starts within 60 days after Aeromexico restarts service on the affected route. 

Fare difference will apply, if the new rescheduled dates are confirmed within some travel periods, check them here. 


Our Call Center and Global Sales Support line will be serving as a priority those people with a flight within the next 72 h only 

Self Service 

Remember you are able to apply our protection policies directly from your GDS, thus avoiding long wait times with our call center and GSS.  

Tips for a correct application of flexibility policies with IT Code 

1. Reserve the protection flight(s) in the same class of service, if this is not available for the options mentioned before, it is allowed to reserve in the lowest class of service available within the same cabin originally paid for. 

2. All protections must be exclusively on routes and flights operated by Aeromexico. For flights operated by Delta, codeshare included, applies exclusively on routes between Mexico and the United States (USA). No protections apply on flights operated by other airlines (OA). 

3. All reservations modified under this policy must be documented in the Tour Code field during the redemption flow with the corresponding IT code. 

4. The IT code must be entered exclusively in the TOUR CODE field at the time of re-issuance; there should be no information other than the IT code in said field. 

5. The identifier "IT" must be entered at the beginning of the Tour Code field (in case your GDS does not add it automatically), followed by the IT code (e.g. IT0MXSS00123C). 

6. Remember the importance of entering the IT code in the corresponding field correctly, in order to avoid penalties. 

7. Record a justification in an OSI: 


8. It is mandatory to enter the SKDCHG indicator in the first endorsement, followed by the flight number and affected travel date: 

SKDCHG AM0007 10JUL2020  

For flight cancellations outside the specified dates or any other case not specified within this policy, please visit our Flexibility Policies Library section and identify the policy that responds to your customer´s needs. For further assistance, we are at your service in the following contacts: 

• Mexico: 55-5133-4093  

• United States and Canada: 1-833-431-0489  

• Rest of the world: through the lines enabled in each country 

If your agency is registered in Global Sales Support, please contact your assigned line. 

We appreciate your support in anticipating any adjustments that your clients need to make, in order to continue offering them the best travel experience. 

  1. Applies to all our Branded Fares 

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