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Aeromexico and Delta are the first members to implement the alliance-first technology powered by SkyTeam’s Digital Spine. The innovation connects the two airlines’ digital systems, making it easier than ever for travelers on multi-carrier itineraries. Customers can check-in via either airline’s self-service channels, get their boarding passes, then go directly to security without needing to use a kiosk or see an agent regardless of which airline is operating the flights, offering a faster, touchless airport experience.

It is estimated that the use of seamless technology between Aeromexico and Delta will positively impact more than 50,000 customers each month, helping to reduce stress and minimize queues at the airport. Aeromexico customers traveling on Delta were the first to experience the touchless travel technology last year. Since then, more than 300,000 customers have already successfully used the service, paving the way for a wider rollout of the technology across more SkyTeam members in 2022.

Here is an example of how SkyTeam’s seamless check-in technology hub works:

  • A customer purchases a Delta ticket from Mexico City to Raleigh-Durham via New York-JFK.
  • The first flight is operated by Aeromexico. Delta operates the second flight.
  • Thanks to the new technology, the customer can use the Fly Delta app or or the Aeromexico app or to check-in for both flights, generating boarding passes.

Delta and Aeromexico have long been committed to offering a seamless customer experience throughout the entire travel journey. In addition to the Delta CareStandard and Aeromexico’s Health and Sanitization Management System that protect the health of customers and employees, the partners have committed to developing the digital resources travelers need to navigate new requirements for international travel.

SkyTeam’s seamless check-in forms a key part of the alliance’s SkyCare&Protect program, a set of 22 health and hygiene measures implemented alliance-wide to create layers of protection that enhance personal health safety at every step of the customer journey.

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