Discover Puerto Escondido


Learn more about this destination and all the different recommendations you can make to your customers to make the most out of their trip with the opportunity to fly daily to Puerto Escondido from Mexico City. 

With this route, we now serve 3 destinations in the state: Oaxaca, Huatulco and Puerto Escondido. 


Location Puerto Escondido is located to the west of the coastal region of Oaxaca. 

Airport located 2 km from the city of Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, on the Pacific coast. 

Temperature between 29 and 32°C. 

Currency the official currency is the Mexican peso. Some business will also accept credit, debit cards and even US dollars.  

Transportation to move around the city, taxis are the best option. If you want to visit the attractions that are outside the city center, the best option is to take a tour, as they include round-trip transportation. We also recommend renting a car. 

Accomodation there are many options for all budgets and preferences, from hotels of different categories to a wide variety of inns and hostels. 

Main activities surfing, diving, bird watching, snorkeling, boat rides, ATVs, bicycles, rock climbing, horseback riding and enjoying its beaches. 


There is something for everyone in Puerto Escondido! 

This city offers you endless natural and cultural attractions. Its geographical conditions are ideal for rest, recreation and for ecotourism, sports and adventure activities. 

Our new route brings you closer to 5 destinations, each of which has unique attractions: Huatulco, Puerto Angel, ZipoliteMazunte and Lagunas de Chacahua National Park. 


The perfect place to surf 

  • Recognized both nationally and internationally as a destination for surfers and lovers of sun and beach tourism. 
  • On the beaches of BacochoCarrizalillo, Puerto Angelito, Manzanillo, Coral, Punta Colorada, Principal and Marinero, the extraordinary waves of several meters high have made the region more famous for serious surfers. 
  • You can see a large number of surfers riding the waves of Zicatela during international tournaments. 


Experiences not to miss  

  • Enjoy the bioluminescence show in Lagunas de Manialtepec. This unique phenomenon occurs at certain times of the year, when the warm temperature of the water attracts a type of plankton to the lagoon. These microorganisms glow and create a bioluminescent effect in the water. 
  • Visit the Benito Juarez Market. In this market they can buy all kinds of handicrafts, enjoy the typical food of the region and discover other gastronomic delights.  
  • Sunbathing, swimming or hiking in Bacocho. Beach Certified as a clean beach, where the release of turtles takes place periodically. 


Source: Secretary of Tourism of the State of Oaxaca 

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