How to have successful relationships with partners and suppliers?


Working with external partners such as agencies, suppliers, vendors or freelancers can provide great benefits to Companies, such as providing experience in highly specialized technical areas and freeing your team from performing tasks outside of their competence. However, establishing a successful relationship with these partners can present some difficulties. For example, if you don't set clear expectations up front, or if your working methods don't align with those of the Company, the results of the collaboration may be far from what was intended.

To get an outside partner to solve problems rather than create them, the key is to invest in the relationship, that is, to commit to learning from each other and growing together. We present the following strategies that can help you work successfully with partners and suppliers according to Business Class Trends & Insights:

1. Determine your goals

Before reaching out to potential outside partners, you should first know what you want to get out of the relationship. Start by thinking about the strengths of your Company, so that your work team continues to focus its energy on those activities and solve the rest by hiring third parties.

Once you have identified the areas in which the partners can help you, prepare a brief that will help you define the time and resources you need from them to achieve the expected results. This document should include a detailed description of the services you require from each partner or provider, which can help you choose the options that best suit the roles and responsibilities you need.

2. Choose a partner who specializes in what you need

Before choosing, it is advisable to examine different options. To do this, you can ask for references or review your potential partners or suppliers on sites where Companies are evaluated and rated, such as Glassdoor or Facebook. Once you find what fits your needs, the next step is to do interviews to determine if any of the possibilities is the solution to your problem. To get an idea of ​​who they are, you can ask them about their mission and vision, what the culture of their Company is like, how they have handled conflicts with other partners, and why they are interested in society beyond the economic.

3. Operate in an atmosphere of trust

To have a successful relationship with your partners and suppliers, you need to trust them. This involves giving them an opportunity to adapt to the way you work, as well as learning to give and receive feedback that enriches the relationship and helps them achieve their goals.

4. Invest in mutually beneficial relationships

The best relationship is one where both parties are motivated to work with each other, beyond pure financial gain. If both parties feel valued, this will strengthen the collaboration and lead you both to the right path. However, it must be kept in mind that this is not always immediate and it is necessary to give the relationship time to grow. The important thing is to work to create harmony between your supplier or partner and your team so that this translates into the optimization of your operations.

Whether your company is looking for strategic allies or outsourcing functions to reduce the team's workload, considering external partners is a good opportunity to identify your strengths and areas of opportunity. That way, businesses can grow faster and wear out less in the process.

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