Learn about our efforts to minimize impact to operations due to the pandemic


Mexico City, January 7, 2022

The new wave of infections by Covid-19 has impacted global aviation, causing disruptions on some flights. For Aeromexico, the safety of our customers and employees has been and continues to be the main priority, and for this reason, some of our personnel are under safety monitoring protocols, including crew members, which has involved having adjustments in our flights.

We focus our efforts on minimizing the impact and work to serve clients who have had modifications in their travel plans in the best possible way, to take them to their destination with total safety and in the shortest possible time. Flight delay or cancellation is not a decision we take lightly and is always the last resort.

We will continue, without exception, applying the highest protocols in all operations, through our Health and Sanitization Management System. We invite our customers to keep updated on their status flight through our official channels.

Important: Remember to include all the contact information of your clients in the reservation, so that we can inform them of any change in their flight.

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