Safety is our top priority


In order for our customers travel with confidence, we have implemented a Health and Sanitization Management System protecting them during every step of their journey. Learn more here: 


Before each flight 

  • Medical evaluation for our crew members and airport staff 
  • Provide all our team members with protective equipment  
  • Protocols aligned with suppliers and authorities  
  • Antibacterial gel is provided upon boarding 
  • We constantly clean all of our equipment, at airports and on board our planes

At the airport  

  • We make sure that all our customers have undergone a temperature check before boarding our planes 
  • All our passengers must answer the AFAC survey* 
  • We implemented a new reverse boarding process, starting with the last rows and finishing with the front of the plane 
  • Consistently announcing preventive measures 

Salones Premier and room for unaccompanied minors 

  • The facilities go through a detailed hygiene and sanitization process 
  • We have signs to avoid crowds and implemented maximum capacity limits  
  • All of our employees have personal protective equipment 
  • We offer antibacterial gel and perform temperature checks before entering the premises 


  • All of our aircraft are sanitized 
  • Antibacterial gel provided on all of our flights  
  • Snacks and beverages are individually packaged  
  • Crew members use protective equipment  
  • Preventive measures are announced on board  
  • All of our aircraft have HEPA filters that eliminate 99.99% of viruses and bacteria 
  • Use of face masks is mandatory 
  • For your safety, we require the use of face masks on all our flights: before, during and after your flight. 


We have successfully completed out last IATA IOSA Safety Audit in 2020, the global hallmark for demonstrating a proactive, integrated and systematic approach to Operational Safety and Safety Management Systems, a certification we have proudly maintained for more than 10 years and counting.


Learn more about the preventive measures we are taking at:


*The AFAC survey is only required by airports in Mexico 

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