Salones Premier: comfortable and safe lounges


Due to COVID-19, some of our services have been impacted, however, we are still offering a superior customer experience to improve the travel experience of our passengers while they await their flight. See below for the latest updates and news. 


The Salones Premier that are currently operating are: 

Mexico City 

  • National Salon Premier  
  • Terraza Premier  
  • International Salon Premier  

Other locations in Mexico 

  • Salon Premier Monterrey 
  • Salon Premier Guadalajara 
  • Salon Premier Mérida 
  • Salon Premier Torreón 
  • Salon Premier Chihuahua 

Salon Premier One-Day Pass

Access to Salones and Terrazas Premier is for sale only at the airport; For the security and peace of mind of our customers, we limit the capacity to avoid crowds. 

New Menu 

Customers waiting for their flights in our Salones Premier in Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara (TBC) will be able to enjoy a delicious menu* prepared in collaboration with Ambrosía, with which we seek to further improve their travel experience. Get to know our new Menu  

* With additional cost 

In addition to the standard measures of our HSMS in Salones Premier we carry out: 

• Signage for safety and hygiene measures 

• Packaged snacks and individual beverages 

• Furniture redistributed and signage placed to prevent crowding 

• New family area for customers entering as a family or group. Applies in MEX, MTY and GDL 

Learn more here 

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