What you need to know about: Baggage


Here you will find the details and guidelines for baggage allowance in our different modalities.


**Remember** You can issue the complementary baggage product (ancillary) directly from your GDS. Remember that there are preferred prices for pre-purchase (before the Check-In timeframe).



The passenger’s ticket includes one piece of carry-on baggage and one personal item which between both should weigh a maximum of 22 lb. (10kg). 

The carry-on baggage dimensions (with or without wheels) must not exceed 2.5 x 15.7 x 10 inches (55 cm x 40 cm x 25 cm)

Some of the prohibited and restricted items to transport in the cabin are:

• Samsung Galaxy Note 7

• Smart bags

 Transport will be allowed only if they have removable batteries

• Rechargeable and non-rechargeable lithium or lithium ion batteries

 15-inch MacBook Pro models sold between September 2015 and February 20217 include them

• Electric wheelchairs that run on liquid batteries

• Electric and gas lighters

You can consult the complete list of prohibited and restricted items by clicking here

 Electronic cigarettes

 The use of electronic cigarettes, cigars or pipes is prohibited on board aircraft at all times. It is recommended to travel with them in a designated briefcase in your carry-on to avoid damage and/or accidental activation. Recharging devices and/or batteries on board the aircraft are not allowed.

**Remember** Make sure to share with your client the information of prohibited and restricted items prior to their flight.



Briefcases, purses, computers, umbrellas, waist bags, etc. are all classified as personal items, and should be able to fit under the cabin seats.

Are items such as canes, crutches, or other devices to aid the passenger mobility accepted as personal items?

Yes, they must be placed near the passenger as long as they do not obstruct emergency exits, aisles and do not discomfort other customers. The customer may be offered the alternative to transport these items as checked baggage with the prior consent.

Is your client traveling with infants?

In flights within Mexico, they can travel with a maximum of two items (stroller, travel bassinet or diaper bag) at no additional cost. On international flights, in addition to the two items mentioned above, a piece of luggage is included that does not exceed 23 kg / 50 lb. in weight and whose dimensions do not exceed 1.15 m / 45 inches.


 The permitted standard checked baggage will depend of the purchased air fare. For flights within Mexico, the Basic and Classic fare do not include it, with an additional cost the baggage allowance can be included.

 For more details, depending on the route, cabin and seasonality, click here

 Club Premier Gold, Platinum and Titanium tier level members are granted the benefit of an additional piece of the same weight and measurements according to the cabin in which they travel.

 If your passenger has one of our co-brand cards American Express - Aeromexico, Santander - Aeromexico or is a member of loyalty programs of some of our SkyTeam business partners, you can check the benefit they have by clicking here (under the Club Premier benefit>Aeromexico cards section)

• In order to claim the benefits for The Platinum Card American Express® Aeromexico, Santander Aeromexico Infinite Card, and for SkyTeam® Elite Plus passengers, the passenger must provide their card when checking in at the airport, and the benefits shall be accorded if and only if the ticket was paid with the same credit card.

• “Benefit on benefit” not applicable; i.e., only the Club Premier, The Platinum Card American Express® Aeromexico or the Santander Aeromexico Infinite Card benefit shall apply.

 **Remember** It is recommended that valuables such as jewelry, money, electronic devices, vital medicines, or important documents are not transported in checked luggage.


 Sport Items

• Prices for international routes are subject to taxes depending on the point of sale

• Maximum weight allowed per piece is 32 kg / 70 lb. (on any aircraft or route)

• Maximum allowed length per piece is 204 cm / 80 inches in narrow cabin and 294 cm / 115 inches in wide cabin (maximum length including case)

• One piece of certain sports items may be exchanged for one piece of your check-in baggage free of charge without incurring excess baggage, provided maximum weight and length are not exceeded. Not applicable in flights into and from the U.S. and Canada or in class “V” Basic Fare), for more information click here

•Rates vary for the high season; for domestic flights, the cost is $83 USD, and for international flights, the cost is $165 USD

• You may transport a tennis-racket case as check-in baggage at no additional charge without replacing any piece of baggage

• Transportation of such items shall be accepted on any Grupo Aeromexico aircraft.

• A charge shall be assessed per item on a one-way trip

• Coolers are considered an extra sports piece, and only rigid plastic (not Styrofoam) ice coolers shall be accepted

Musical instruments

• One musical instrument may be carried on board as carry-on baggage per passenger, provided it does not exceed the established dimensions, which are: maximum linear surface [length + width + height] 1.15 m

• Rates vary for the high season; for domestic flights, the cost is $83 USD, and for international flights, the cost is $165 USD

• One music instrument may be exchanged for one piece of your check-in baggage free of charge without incurring excess baggage, provided maximum weight and dimensions are not exceeded. Not applicable on flights in Mexico, the U.S. or Canada

• We recommend that any instrument exceeding the established dimensions should be transported by Aeromexico Cargo

• Prices shown are for one-way trips.


Grupo Aeromexico offers funeral and mortuary transportation services considering the greatest care and respect. Human remains entrusted to our Company will always be transported with the greatest dignity and sensitivity.

For this, it is important to direct your client’s funeral home to Aeromexico Cargo 


Human ashes can be transported in Checked Baggage or Carry-On Baggage. Passengers must submit the following at check-in and at the inspection filters (these being "X" Rays and in some cases with explosives detection equipment):

• Death Certificate original or copy (only for human ashes)

• Cremation Document original or copy. Both human and animal ashes

• The ashes container shall be of metal or resistant material and hermetically sealed** to prevent spilling or any type of contamination. It will not be necessary to open the urn at the security control. Both human and animal ashes

• NO health seal required. Human and Animal Ashes

** Usually the one provided by the funeral home meets this specs.

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