What you need to know about: Unaccompanied Minors (UMNR)


This service provides personalized attention for the unaccompanied minor, support in the Check-in process, fully accompanied all the way to the boarding gate and delivery of the minor at their final destination.

UMNR service is only offered on Aeromexico operated flights. At this moment, this service is not available in flights operated by Delta.

**Remember** This service is limited to a certain number of seats per aircraft, it is important to confirm the availability via our Call Center 48 hours prior the scheduled flight to issue the UMNR service. This ancillary is not available for sell in your GDS.

1. What are the minimum and maximum ages to use the UMNR service?

o This service is mandatory for children flying without an adult or guardian between the ages of 5 and 14.

o Minors between the ages of 0 and 4 are not applicable for this service.

o For minors that are 15 years of age when their flight ticket is issued, the service will be optional

2. Required documents

For a minor to fly unaccompanied, their parent or guardian must present 3 copies of each of the following documents at the ticket counter. Additionally, these documents should be presented 3 hours in advance of the flight’s scheduled departure, whether the flight is domestic or international.

o Unaccompanied Minor Form (UMNR)

This form will be provided by Aeromexico staff at the counter. It should be completed in legible print.

o Official ID or passport of the parent or guardian.

o Minor Exit Form (SAM) 

Only applies for minors traveling from Mexico to international destinations.

This document is issued at no cost by the National Immigration Institute (INM). This authorizes those accompanying the child to act as legal guardians under civil law, if that third-party individual is of legal adult age. 

This document is available here.

In lieu of a SAM, we will require:

o A notarized document

This authorizes the departure of the minor, specifying the method of transportation, the destination, and the travel date. If this document has been issued abroad, it must be apostilled and translated into Spanish. 

3. Important information

The minor’s parent or guardian should arrive at the origin airport at least 3 hours prior to the flights scheduled departure (for both domestic and international flights) to complete the process on time.

The parent or guardian must remain at the origin airport until an Aeromexico staff member has informed them that the flight has departed. We recommend waiting until 15 minutes after takeoff as a preventative measure in case the flight must return.

The individual companion of the minor and the person who is picking the minor up from the airport must have official, valid ID (voting credential or passport).

AM Plus seats are not available for unaccompanied minors.

On connecting flights, an UMNR is not allowed or travel on the last flight of the day. This rule does not apply where the night flight is the only one operating.

3.1 Flights departing from the United States

Adults and guardians dropping off or receiving unaccompanied minors using this service in the United States must arrive 3 hours prior to the departure or arrival of that minor’s flight.

It’s possible that adults and guardians’ presence may be required when dropping off/receiving the unaccompanied minor, in which case they will have to acquire a boarding pass at the ticket counter. We recommend they are prepared to clear security at the airport.

**Remember** Minors traveling with this service may not request the transportation of pets in the cabin (PETC). There are exceptions for emotional support pets as long as the conditions are met.

4. Number of UMNR allowed per flight by aircraft model

AircraftMaximum number of unaccompanied minors
B737-8 MAX8
B737-9 MAX8

5. Pricing

RoutePriceTerms and conditions
Flights in Mexico$700 MXNPrice includes tax
International destinations$155 USD/EUR/GBPApplies to Aeromexico flights not longer than 24 hours for each minor, regardless of whether they are on the same reservation with other minors traveling in a group. These prices include taxes
Flights to/from the United States$155 USD/EUR/GBPApplies to Aeromexico flights not longer than 24 hours and up to four minors so long as they are on the same reservation. These prices include taxes

Seasonal rate increase apply.

These are estimated prices that may vary without prior notice.

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